Welcome to the online home of Eric Grounds Charity Consultants

We want to work in partnership with our clients to reach the point at which they no longer need us, although we would like to stay on the best possible terms. Our mission is to support organisations in the Voluntary Sector to achieve their full potential.

We deal with all aspects of running a charity. Our associates are specialists in their own professional disciplines, which means that we are very happy to advise on governance, legal issues, financial management, HR, and fundraising and marketing. We work closely with a specialist IT consultancy.

A large part of what we do is in response to business challenges for which our clients are under-resourced. We manage the issues then leave you with the tools to do the job thereafter.

One third of our work portfolio is pro bono business. Sadly we cannot work for free at all times, but we will listen carefully to your story and if we can do anything to support you, we will.