About Us

Our objective is to help our clients towards sustainable independence. We provide years of experience, professional knowledge and objective thinking to ensure that you reach the solutions that are best for you and your organisation. We 'tell it as it is', which may be uncomfortable at times. The fact is that we do not believe in adding a mythical haze to real challenges. But even the most solemn advice will be backed by underlying good humour: we want our clients to enjoy the relationship.

The consultancy draws upon the expertise of a range of individuals who have been working in the Voluntary Sector for more than 20 years. We offer support for trustees and senior management in every aspect of running a charity including governance, strategic planning, operational delivery, management, HR, fundraising, marketing, information technology, finance and administration. Every consultant has served at Board level in at least one major charity and most are or have been trustees.

We can parachute in a complete team to provide interim management, or provide an agreed number of days of service to solve a specific problem. We deliver detailed research, solid advice and readable reports.

All of us have extensive experience of dealing with the most senior volunteers. Equally each of us has acted as a mentor for a number of senior managers

We are prepared to work anywhere in the World, although the majority of our work is in the United Kingdom. Every one of our consultants has experience of international charity operations.

Our fees are designed to cover an honest day's work with a modest margin for profit so that we can do more pro bono work for those that cannot afford to pay.

Method of Operation: we like to meet you to discuss the issues that you want to address. Following the meeting, we will draft a proposal of service, which will outline clearly the actions to be taken by us and by you. That proposal will set out the fees for the service. Subject to any wrinkles in the proposal, we will prepare a formal contract for signature by both parties. We believe that the interaction between the client and the consultancy is an equal partnership.